Trading Returns

You can make returns by executing profitable forex trades using the FX United platform - just like with any other Broker.  However, as you will know from any FX United presentation you may have seen, most people lose when they trade - and I do not recommend that you do this unless you already have a high level of knowledge.

In addition, if you sign up an active trader in your organisation, you can receive a return from their forex trading.  This is different to the CGAT automated trading, and this return is based on their actual trading of their accounts.

In my experience, very few people will actually trade, and this way of making money is likely to be of largely academic interest.  The only way it impacts me is when I find a few strange unexpected profits in my electronic wallet, which means someone in my organisation has been trading. However, if you are interested, the slide below explains the return that you could make.

In Malaysia, FX United has trading clubs where people get together and learn together to trade foreign exchange.  This Trading Bonus can become important in those places where people are actively trading their accounts.

FX United is a great way of making multiple streams of income.  I wish you luck as you explore the many ways to profit from this amazing business.

As with the "Bonus" slides, many thanks to my upline Gary for supplying this slide.