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Important tips:

why you should join with me

I am part of an organisation in Australia which offers regular Preview meetings and webinars, and we have strong upline support as we grow.  I can help you expand your business, and start to make your fortune.

I am also editor of this website - which is by far the most comprehensive information site about FX United on the internet.  I have had over 12,000 pageviews since the page went live at the end of March 2016 - and that grows at the rate of hundreds of new views every day.  This gives me a significant voice with FX United if I ever need to firmly raise points for me and my downline organisation.

It is critically important that you have a strong sponsor and that you are not just a lone voice lost in a sea of FX United clients.

give credit to the person who introduced you to this business

While there are very real advantages in joining FX United with me, if one of your good friends or colleagues introduced you to FX United, and if you prefer to join up under them rather than under my organisation, then when you are asked for your "Agent (Referrer)", then please replace their Agent number rather than mine.

Of course, if you do not have a referrer, or you would like to work directly with me, then just leave the form as it is.  I would be delighted to show you how everything works, and to work with you as you grow your fortune, and explore your financial independence with FX United.

use a personal email

You will be asked to enter your preferred email.  My advice is to use a personal email address - and not your work email.  This will be your login for life so it  should be able to travel with you if you change jobs.  And also, when you start making a lot of money, you may not want that information going to your workplace.

don't use hotmail

Don't use Hotmail.  It is too susceptible to corruption, and is likely to be rejected by FX United.  Gmail works well.

enter your details carefully

Make sure you use your full name exactly as it appears on your primary identification (Passport or Driver Licence).  Because of anti-money laundering legislation, all broking accounts need to be verified by sending in proof of identity and address before you can withdraw funds.  If your name is different on your application and on your identification, that can create problems and delays.

Even if you are always called "Andy", if your passport says "Andrew" then please put "Andrew" on the application!

plase contact me once you have registered

Once you have registered for FX United, please send me an email or give me a call to let me know that you are on board.  All my details are on the contact page.  I will send you more information about the next steps - and frankly I would just like to celebrate with you, because you are about to embark on an exciting financial journey!

When would now be a good time to take control of your financial independence?
It only takes a couple of minutes, and no credit card is required.