A message from Malaysia

I love receiving messages and emails - and it is amazing how far the FX United message has traveled.  I have received messages from places including Australia, Malaysia, Borneo and even South America.

The following is one message I received from a gentleman in Malaysia.  I have also included my reply.

From: #### [Name deleted]

Sent: Friday, 29 April 2016 11:45 PM
To: Andrew Flannery
Subject: FX United/UGHL

Hi Andrew,

My name is #### from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I just wanted to know whether you are the writer of the article on FX United/UGHL.

I gathered from the article that you have done extensive research on the company and based on your conclusion the scheme offered by FX United is bonafide although the scheme perfectly fit a PONZI scheme profile.

If you are the writer of the article, I would be very grateful that you can reaffirm your opinion of FX United by replying to this email.

Thanks & regards

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Dear Mr ####

Thank you for your email.

I presume that the article you saw was on the website that I edit called www.fxunitedexplained.com I am fairly new to FX United, but many friends were asking me for details about it, so I set up the website to answer those questions.  I intend to update the site as I find out more about the business.

I have investigated what I could about FX United, and I see many things that give me confidence (see my page http://www.fxunitedexplained.com/is-fx-united-a-scam/ ), and also a couple of things that cause me to doubt - for instance, there does not seem to be a resident NZ director, and monies do not appear to be held in a separate custodial account.  However, the thing that gives me most confidence is that I have seen member statements showing consistent payments for many months - and with such high returns, my entire outlay will have been covered in a matter of 6-9 months.  After that, it is pure profit - and even if FX United were to fold, my initial outlay would have been covered.

As to whether it is a Ponzi scheme, or a front for money laundering, or some other sort of scheme or confidence trick - you and I will probably never know.  However, I can see no indication of this, and people I have spoken to who have been dealing with FX United for a long period of time do not believe that this is the case.

All I can say with certainty is that I receive daily updates on trades which are apparently being made on my behalf - and this seems to validate the commission sharing business model which has been described to me.  I have lodged numerous enquiries with FX United, and these enquiries have been dealt with promptly and professionally.  Further, I have received my 11% monthly return (ie 12%-1% maintenance).  Accordingly, until I hear anything to the contrary, I am happy to give FX United the benefit of the doubt, and I plan to place more money with this Broker.

I consider FX United a potentially risky but high yielding Broker option - and if you have funds that you could potentially be prepared to lose - then why not put some with FX United and see what happens? Of course, I cannot give you financial or investment advice, and you must check with your accountant or financial planner to see whether this is in fact a good trading option for you.

I hope you found my website useful, and I really appreciate your direct contact.

All the very best
Andrew Flannery