Is it all about the money?

One of my friends challenged me today.

I have been talking about this FX United business, and making money in other ways (I am also a lawyer and a property developer) and she stopped me and said:  "Andrew, is it all about the money?".

That floored me for a moment, because it is definitely not all about the money.  I do what I do for a creative outlet and to provide for my family.  I make money for the freedom and self-expression that it gives me, and for the more powerful contribution I can make.

However, I need to constantly remind myself not to get caught up in the "means" when what I really care about is the "ends".

I challenge you to take a couple of minutes right now, just like I have done today, to concentrate on two questions:

  1. Who and what am I grateful for? At first you may say:  "Life stinks.  I am not grateful for anything!".  But sit with it, and really explore what you are grateful for.  For me it is my three wonderful children, and my health, and my job, and my amazing friends ... and before I knew it, I had a list as long as my arm - and I felt great!
  2. What do I want? This is a very personal list.  Often we do not dare to tell even our closest friends because these things are so precious and so close to our heart that if we do not achieve them, we know how much it will hurt.  But if these things are so important, then give your dreams the best chance of success, and write them down!

Only once you have answered these two questions, and have real clarity on what you are grateful for, and what you really want (and have written this down) - only then can you move to the next step and work out: what is my next step?

What my friend was so wisely picking up on was that I had not communicated to her the " why " before I launched into a whole story about the " how "!

So next time when I see her, I will say:  I am so grateful for your friendship.  You really see me - in a way that I don't think many people can.  And every day, I am so grateful for my family, and for the contribution I am making in the world.  It means so much to me that I have the financial freedom to have choices and options, and to be able to explore my full self-expression and leadership.  That's what makes everything I do worthwhile - and I have a plan to make that contribution even bigger!  Do you want to hear about it?

I wish you every success as you explore your own financial independence, and discover how FX United can help you achieve your dreams!

Ps - also, always keep in mind that some of your friends may not be as enthusiastic as you are about FX United (I know - weird, right?).  It is really important that you remember this key rule. No hard selling, ever !  I think this is so important that I devoted a whole page to it!