How will I spend my day when I don't need to work?

Today is the day before the four day Easter break in Sydney, Australia.

I had planned to take the day off to make a five day long weekend - but I had to send some documents out to clients, and another client wanted to a draft of a development agreement to read over the break ... so I decided to go into the office after all.

However, I took time to have a leisurely breakfast, and caught a train in at 10am.

It is a beautiful day in Sydney.  Early Autumn (or "Fall") is my favourite time in Sydney:  clear blue skies, warm in the sun, but the air is crisp.  As I looked around, I saw a whole group of people I don't normally see.  Normally, I am packed into a rush hour train, filled with people sipping coffees and talking on their mobile phones - but these people were enjoying life - chatting and appreciating the beautiful day.

I want to be one of those people who can stop and enjoy the beauty - and not be tied to a relentless wheel.  I enjoy what I do.  I like being a lawyer and helping people with some of their most difficult problems.  I like the daily challenges and the time I spend interacting with intelligent and ambitious colleagues - but I also want time to enjoy the day, and to spend some time just sitting and quietly contemplating.

FX United will help me achieve that.  It will give me a passive income which will allow me to work part time - and to only choose the work and the clients which I most enjoy working with. [NOTE: If you are one of my clients reading this, then of course I am referring to you!]

In short, with FX United, I am going to reclaim my financial independence.  I am going to once again have the ability to make choices about how I spend my most valuable resource: my time.  I am going to have time to spend with my children, and to appreciate the beauty all around me.  I am going to have time for holidays, and for community projects, like the school I am building in Nepal (which I will tell you about in another post).

In closing, I wish for you the same freedom: to choose the life you want, and to live that life to the full.  It is an amazing time in history, when through technology and the amazing systems available through FX United, we can put our money to work for us - and in doing so, reclaim our time and financial independence!

Good fortune in all your endeavours.

Live with Passion!
— Anthony Robbins