WINST and CGAT accounts funded

I have now funded my WINST and CGAT accounts.


Opening the WINST account was very easy.  I just clicked on the "Fund Deposit to WINST Account" button under the Account Section tab, and then selected $500.  This is a bit confusing.  You can fund with lesser amounts, but this puts a cap on how much you can make from bonuses.  I frankly do not understand the difference, but my upline tells me that it is important to fund with $500 - and on this one, I am just going to trust him.


I opened a CGAT account from one of the blue icons on the Client's Account page (under the Account Section tab).  I then transferred funds into it.  In this case, I put $1,000 - but please do remember that you only have 10 accounts - and that you can put up to $10,000 in each.  So by putting in $1000, I have effectively used up that account.

My next deposit will be larger.