First funding my account

There are a number of ways that you can fund your account.

Introducing Broker :

There is a very effective "IB process" through Dato Raja in Malaysia.  Dato Raja has the largest FX United network in the world, with about 40,000 people.  He is an "Introducing Broker" or "IB".  This process of depositing via the IB works very well for people in Malaysia, who are often dealing in smaller sums of money.  And it is also quick.  Funds can be in the FX United same day.  However, I find the IB exchange rate quite poor.  For instance at a time when the AUD/USD is trading at about 1.45, the IB rate is 1.6 in and 1.3 out - so the IB makes a profit on every transaction.  This makes sense because there is a staff to pay and premises to lease.  However, I don't like paying the margin.

If you would like to deposit with the IB, please send me a message on the "Comment" page, and I will send you an email with the instructions on how to do this.  Essentially you deposit into the IB Account, and send the IB evidence of deposit, and the IB can then trigger an instant deposit to FX United.

Perfect Money :

There are a number of other ways to deposit including a "Perfect Money" account.  I have not tried these and cannot comment.  At this stage, it is not possible to deposit by credit card - although this is likely to be introduced.  As a comparison, I can currently deposit funds by credit card to my account with IG Markets (UK firm operating in Australia), but not my US account with Laidlaw & Company - so I suspect that FX United have not been able to introduce credit card deposits because of problems dealing with different international jurisdictions.

International wire transfer (my preferred method)

I am very familiar with this method because it is the way I transfer funds to my US share broker, Laidlaw & Co.  It is as simple as giving the instruction to my bank, and they execute the transfer.  My bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia "CBA"), charges a $30 fee for wire transfers - but the exchange rate is the normal interbank rate so it works out quite cost effective.

When you click the button to fund by wire transfer, you can download an invoice from FX United with all the relevant instructions.  Simply print this out and take it to your bank.  In my case, I have an online banker, and I just email the instruction to him.  When the banker executes, they will give you a receipt.  Scan that receipt, and log it with FX United on your personal webpage so that they can keep an eye out for your funds, and investigate if funds do not turn up.

The Invoice which was generated for me looked like this (see below).  I must admit that when I saw the bank in Czechoslovakia, it worried me a bit - but I understand from others that this method works fine - and monies will be in my account in 4-5 days.  You will notice that the amount is converted to EUROs because the Bank is in Europe - but this amount of 1,384.84 Euros equated to USD $1,500 on the day of transfer.

I then sent this invoice to my Bank (the Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and they processed this transfer, and generated this receipt:

I scanned this receipt and saved it to my computer, and I then uploaded the saved file to FX United, using the instructions on the website (read the message when you first sign on to your account).

I will add a further post when this wire transfer hits my account.  Fingers crossed!