As I find them, I will add links to some presentations about FX United that I have found to be useful.  Not surprisingly, some presentations are better than others.

very informative presentation by peter tan

I found this recorded webinar very informative.  Peter, the presenter, is the upline sponsor for Gary, who introduced me to FX United.  While I do not know Peter, Gary knows him well - and tells me that Peter has been successfully operating the FX United commission sharing business for about six months, and is now making a great deal of money.  Dato Raja, Peter's upline in Malaysia is making $2,000,000 per month.  The amount of money which can be made from FX United is staggering!

teaser video

To be honest, this next video does not contain much information - but it does share the excitement and power of this business opportunity - and I love the music!

FX United Power Team is an introducing broker based in Malaysia.  It is headed up by Dato Raja, who has created the largest affiliate network in FX United.  He makes a huge return every month, and he organises information evenings and large events in Malaysia.  He often also tours internationally.

very dense video - lots of information - but hard work to watch

This next video is hard work - but it has a lot of information.  If you want to introduce this business to any Malaysian friends, then this video may be useful.