How to tell your friends and colleagues about FX United

This really is the simplest business on earth.  It has elements of multi-level marketing – but unlike Amway or Nutrimetics, there is no inventory to store, no long forms to fill in, no delivery of products and no handling of money.  Indeed, all you are doing is setting money to work for you to make more money.

There are lots of ways to share this leveraged investment and business opportunity with your friends and colleagues:

A. Give them the link to this website and let them make up their own mind.  Let them have a look around and then you can answer their questions.  If you don’t know the answer to their questions, it is likely that the answer is on the FAQ list on this website – and if not, they can just send me question on the “CONTACT page.

B. Invite your friends and colleagues to an information evening.  I run small group information evenings regularly.  See the EVENTS tab on this website.

Sometimes people play my video in their home or small group and have a discussion about the FX United opportunity.  That can also be a great place to invite your friends and colleagues to.

C. If you are not sure how to explain the opportunity, then refer your friends and colleagues to your upline.  It can be as simple as saying: “I have seen this great business opportunity from a Forex Broker.  It gives 11% per month, and also pays small bonuses when new clients join.  Are you interested?”

Your friend is likely to say “Yes!” .  At that point, I would give them the details of this website and try to set up an appointment for your upline to sit down with them to explain the opportunity.

If you would like me to call your friend, or have a Skype conversation, we can also arrange that.

D. Hand them a brochure.  I have attached a few examples on this webpage.  You can print these out and hand them to your friends and colleagues.  Just remember to insert your own FX United Affiliate number so that you get the credit for the referral!!