Andrew's note: I copied these FAQ answers from another FX United affiliate site.  As far as I know the content is correct.  I will update if I find new information, or need to correct any details

1. How much profit (%) can I earn?
You can earn 11% nett (and minimum) from your capital every month. That is a total of 132% return on the first year contract for each CGAT account. Each CGAT account is programmed to pay out differently with every yearly renewal. We can have up to a maximum of 10 CGAT accounts per ID.

12.0% min. Year 1
9.0% min. Year 2
5.0 min. Year 3 onwards

*Contract of 12 months begins per CGAT Account on Activation Date, not Date of Registration. CGAT expiry will be prompted to member at 11th month into contract to Renew/Withdraw. If no option has been selected within the 30 days, the principal deposit from the expiring CGAT account will be automatically transferred to the wallet.

2. Am I able to withdraw my capital in full, anytime?
Yes, you may withdraw anytime you wish; no lock-in period.

3. How can I join the CGAT system?

  1. Open a WINST account with FXUnited first (300USD/500USD).
    300USD Account – 450USD Maximum daily income from WINST

500USD Account – 750USD Maximum daily income from WINST

  1. Then deposit your capital you wish to make 12% from every month into a CGAT account .

*You can have a maximum of 10 CGAT accounts per ID (funding per thousand dollars from $1K - $10K per CGAT) & each account is based on an entry-&-exit system only. Once a CGAT account has been used or a deposit has exited, it cannot be used again.
*No top-up & no partial withdrawal after a CGAT account is funded as it will be locked to the Liquidity Providers system. The minimum funding for CGAT is $1,000USD and a maximum at $100,000USD per ID ONLY.

4. Is my Capital compounded?
No. All commissions (12%) will go into our wallet.

5. Which Broker are we dealing with?
FXUnited; the website is
Established in Belgium year 2006; corporate marketing only to present date
Regulated year 2013 in New Zealand with the
Incorporation Name: "United Global Holdings Limited" for the retail market.

6. Is the broker regulated?
Yes, by the Financial Services Provider Regulatory (FSPR) in New Zealand (FSP #394667)

7. How may I deposit?
Through Telegraphic Transfer or Local Online Transfers
Two ways:
1) Direct to Broker (Can take 4-5 working days to reflect funding) – Using Bank Rate. Bank Charges are generally $30-$45 per deposit 2) Through Local IB (Powerteam International) established in Malaysia. (Immediate Funding via Malaysia Funding, 3-5 Working Days for Overseas Funding) - Local IB Rates
Andrew's note:  Many people choose to do it through Option 2 because of the convenience and time saving.  However the exchange rate they use is pretty bad.  Personally, I send money by wire transfer.  The money is normally there within 4-5 days.

8. Are the local IBs authorized to act on behalf of FXUnited?
Yes, the local IB is authorized to act on behalf of FXUnited and have established a trustee with document which protects clients from the local financial institutions. Click here

9. Is there a maintenance fee a month?
Only 1% from our capital is deducted from 12% as server charges & CGAT trading per month.

10. How many trades a month?
For calculation purpose; based on 500 trades a month with spread of 3.5 (EUR/USD pair) & 2.60 lots per trade. CGAT will increase & decrease the level of risk taken per trade accordingly; # of trades will vary as long as we get our expected returns.

11. What is the IB funding and withdrawal rate now?
Malaysia: Funding RM4.60, Withdrawal RM4.20
More country rates available, here:

12. Any Withdrawal Fees or Rules?
Through Local IB in Malaysia; deduct RM 1; All withdrawal from Monday to Friday ONLY. Weekend or Public Holiday withdrawal will be rejected . It is to ensure that the IB processes all withdrawal at the quickest timeframe possible. Overseas withdrawal is according to IB SELL Rates; withdrawal processes by IB every Friday for overseas withdrawals.

*If you funded directly to Broker, withdraw via Account Section
*If you funded via Powerteam IB, withdraw via Partner Section
*For withdrawal via IB: Max capping at $1,000 a day is for a control measure by the broker for money laundering
-> Min. Withdrawal per day; $50USD
-> Max. Withdrawal per day; $1000USD

$1,000USD Withdrawal
$1,000USD x 4.20 = RM4200
RM4200 - RM1 = RM4199
RM 4199 = 1300SGD, 1300AUD
*According to IB Rate

Find BUY/SELL Rates here:

13. What currency pair(s) does CGAT trade on?
EUR/USD Pair (mainly), GBP/USD Pair.

14. Is there any guarantee?
On the letter of agreement from the Broker to every CGAT client, point 1.2 on the form states:

Our capital is 100% Guaranteed by FxUnited
Click Here

15. Do we get our expected returns successfully every month or cycle?
Yes. We are paid out every Sunday of the week. From the date that you activated your account; your cycle will end after 30-31 days then paid on the following Sunday.

16. Is this opportunity open to non-Malaysians?
Yes it is open up to 150 countries. It's operating in over 50 countries worldwide at this point and more is coming. Check on the country lists on this website: (At the drop-down list)

17. What is the function of FxUnited for the clients?
Every client who registers a CGAT account with FxUnited; a trading account number will be given to the client when it is activated. That same account number is simultaneously created with the Liquidity Providers. This linking between LPs and Clients by the Broker can be termed as 'Bridging'. Click here to check out the FxUnited Bridging Process. Broker earns their commissions from the spread when the CGAT system trades on our accounts, then they share up to 48% to everyone. FxUnited acts as the support & administrative body for the clients.

18. Can I learn how to trade with FXUnited as well?
Yes, when you open a WINST account with them for $500 you are actually activating your personal trading account. You may also open a Standard (fixed spread) and/or Premium account (variable spread) with FxUnited.

19. Can I have access to view my CGAT account being traded via Investor Password?
Yes, you can as it is your personal trading account

20. How can I get signed up now?
Go to the "TAKE ACTION" of this website, or cliek the black box below.

Activate WINST = Start earning commission from WINST, NOT CGAT AS WELL
Activate CGAT = Start earning commission from CGAT

***To make commissions from WINST & CGAT, referrers MUST activate their own and respective accounts first, before trying to activate other accounts. Failure to do so, will not entitle the referrer to make direct commissions and affiliate bonus for the new referral***