• 11% per month!
  • How CGAT works
  • High CGAT returns
  • Withdrawal of your money
  • Maximum investment
  • Capital Guarantee

CGAT Investment return: 11% per month

This is the heart of the FX United offering.  It is a stunning investment opportunity with returns of 11% per month!

How it works

The following is my understanding of how this works.  You can also get more information from the FX United Website, and there are also good videos on Youtube.

CGAT stands for Capital Gains Automated Trading, and is an account which is managed by a smart algarithm - ie a robot!  In forex, these are called EAs or Expert Advisers.  The FX United EA is so effective that FX United gives a virtual guarantee of the trading.  If your drops below your initial trading value, then FX United tops it up at the start of the next month (see more details below).

the cgat returns

FX United pays a large return on your CGAT Accounts.  The return is as follows:

  • Year 1 - 12% return (less 1% admin fee) = 11% PER MONTH (or 132% per year).
  • Year 2 - 9% return (less 1% admin fee) = 8% PER MONT (or 96% per year)
  • Year 3 and beyond - 5% return (less 1% admin fee) = 4% PER MONTH (or 48% per year)

I still have to pinch myself every time I see these returns.  They really are incredible.  FX United pays more per month than most investments return in two or three years!

Each month, this return credited to your electronic wallet, and you can withdraw the return at any time.

If you are a visual person, you may find that this table helps explain it:


You can also withdraw the investment capital at any time, but there is a 3% admin fee if you withdraw under 12 months, and once you close that account, it is finished (ie you cannot reinvest into that closed account).  You have a maximum of 10 investment accounts for life.


You are allocated 10 CGAT accounts, and can fund each with a maximum of USD $10,000 - so $100,000 is the maximum total investment.  When you invest, it must be in $1,000 blocks (ie USD $1,000, $2,000, $7,000 etc. up to a maximum of $10,000 in each account).

The FX United capital Guarantee

The FX United capital "guarantee" is not really a guarantee in a legal sense - but rather a contractual obligation to top up your investment each month.  The details are set out in this document.  As a lawyer, I would not like to enforce this contract - but FX United really does rely on the continued operation of FX United as it says it will operate.  For my own investment in FX United, I consider it like a "junk bond".  It is high yielding, and has something behind it - but we have to be aware that we could lose the whole amount if FX United were to file for liquidation.  The idea is to only ever invest what we can afford to lose (bearing in mind that my risk or exposure significantly decreases every month you remain in because the monthly return is so incredibly high).

[NOTE: despite what the slide says above, I do NOT consider that FX United offers "high-water mark capital preservation" unless you withdraw your returns every month as you go along.  However, withdrawing monthly is prudent practice - so the effect is probably the same]