simple first level bonus

The basic bonus is very simple.  Assuming that you started up a WINST account with $500 (which is the only way I recommend that you do it) then you get a $50 bonus from everyone who you personally join up.

further bonuses

However, after that it gets confusing.  There is quite a complicated structure of trailing bonuses you can become eligible for. No doubt this will may sense to you if you are already an expert in network or multi-level marketing.  But have trouble understanding the detail of this.

I have copied the slides below from a colleague's website - and if you really want to know how these bonuses work, then I am happy to put you in contact with him.  Send me a note on the "Contact" page, and I can arrange for you to discuss with him.

In the meantime, have a look through these slides.  The main takeaway for me is that if you really work this model hard, and introduce lots of people (directly, or down your line) then you can make some real cash from these bonuses alone.  The figure quoted is up to $750 per day - and you do not need to invest any of your own funds to achieve these bonuses.



One point of clarification: in some countries the bonuses are higher.  This might confuse you if you are watching presentations from Malaysia.  In that country, where most activity is from large numbers of people who have less to invest into a CGAT account, FX United offers a larger sign on bonus (up to $250 per person).  However, that high bonus is not available in Australia, or for any new FX United international market.